Hand moisturiser

The need to moisturise after washing your hands, spurred the development of a brand-new lightweight, yet effective hand lotion Jasmine Hand Lotion. can easily accompany any soap dispensers such as the Aloe Ferox Jasmine Hand Wash and Lotion . is fragranced with jasmine, which gives it a richness and intensity of sweet floral notes and muskiness Benefits: • Softens and smooths flakiness on the skin. • Helps to reduce rough and dry skin. • Fast-absorbing, leaves no oiliness. • Protects skin against dehydration. • Maintains skin elasticity and soothes skin. • Nourishes cuticles.


• Place adequate Jasmine Hand Lotion into the palm of your dry hands. Rub between palms for a few seconds to warm up.

• Use both hands to massage the lotion onto your skin in gentle circular movements.

• Can also be used on thick skin, such as your elbows or knees.

• Apply liberally as often as desired, especially after washing. Washing your hands frequently prevents the spread of viruses and bacteria, but it can clear your skin of natural oils, leaving your hands dry and chapped. Use Jasmin Hand Lotion to replace lost moisture and keep the skin soft and smooth