A corporate wellness course targeted at senior management, who have a lot of responsibility at work and at Home. The course is designed to allow the participant to grow into becoming a version of their best self. Workshops are out doors and out of town in Zimbabwe namely, Victoria Falls – the Victoria Falls Hotel, Rhodes Matopo National Park, Rhodes Nyanga National Park.

We work on individual and group life coaching, executive rehabilitation (We understand the importance of the clients privacy in these programmes), Team Building, Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, Adversity, Diet and Nutrition, Physical Intelligence, communication skills non verbal and verbal, yoga stretches and breathing techniques .Music and Art therapy, scenic locations, high level of service. One on one private programme to be discussed with client. Alternatively, groups of six to fifteen executives to be standard operating procedure.


Perfect for burnt out executives who need a breath of fresh air to carry on. Our focus is on thought processes. How to unlearn and relearn. Differentiate between habits and addictions.

Appreciate your value and contribution. Transform from senior executive to thought leader. We have a very open minded culture of acceptance and inclusion. We understand each person is a completely different individual and design a programme specific to the clients needs.

You will be working with professionals who only have your best interest’s at heart.

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